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B.R. Batra Memorial Charitable Trust | Tarika Group
B.R. Batra Memorial

    B.R. Batra Memorial    

For 21 years, since it's inception by late Shri Din Dayal Batra, the trust has been passionately committed to the betterment of the underprivileged in India. We provide free healthcare, rehabilitation, and education to the people in need, and through our efforts have affected 33,00,000 lives for the better.

Our team regularly holds blood donation drives and medical camps, where we sponsor medicines and treatments. To date, we've heald more than 1,900 such camps, where we've sponsored 5000+ Cataract surgeries with IQL Implants and 5 Cornea Implants. On the social front, we hold and sponsor food drives, aid orphanages, and offer scholarships to underprivileged girls in New Delhi, Haryana, and Uttar Pradesh.

Shri Din Dayal Batra & Mrs. Santosh Batra - Tarika Group & BR Batra Memorial

Shri Din Dayal Batra

Chief Visionary

Born in 1934 to Shri B.R. Batra—the patriarch of an affluent landlord family in Punjab, British India—Shri Din Dayal Batra lost all material possessions overnight when the county was partitioned along religious lines. Notwithstanding this material loss, and now a 13-year-old refugee, he held on to his values and relocated to the newly formed Republic of India. He believed that the true quality of a person was determined by how they acted when life dealt them adversity, and so he started applying himself to rebuilding his family's former stature. 


He started small and began funding his education. Fighting an uphill battle, and now having had started a family, he earned 2 masters degrees with exemplary results. This perseverance garnered him widespread respect, while the tremendous loss that he had faced at a tender age strengthened his character, factors that propelled him to leadership positions in the Indian Foreign Services. Speaking to his merit, Shri Batra went on to represent India in key strategic and hostile countries, while also carrying the responsibility of being a provider. He funded the education of his younger brothers, who would go on to be a reputed doctor and a General in the Indian army, respectively. Through all of this, not only would he rebuild his family name within his lifetime, he would take it to far greater heights.

Having endured and overcome these hardships, he decided to commit himself towards the betterment of others facing adversity; thereby founding the B.R. Batra Memorial Charitable Trust, in his late father's name.

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